A Contemporary New Adult Romance by Tricia Best coming Summer 2016.


Taylor knows what it takes to be liked—be who everybody wants you to be until you think that’s who you truly are.

But when she finds out her popular boyfriend of three years has been hooking up with all her “friends”, her father forgot about the prized corporate internship he promised, and her mother’s too drunk to care, she takes off to a country town for the summer to work for her half-sister, an Ojibway Medicine Woman.

She doesn’t expect to meet Isaiah—a guy who is as intense as he is gorgeous—and experience a connection that makes her feel safe to be who she really is and to question what she really wants.

When Isaiah’s past catches up, everything they think they know about being in a relationship changes.

Sex is not about physical gratification.

Sacrifice is self-serving.

And being with someone doesn’t mean you trust them.

Taylor and Isaiah must learn that love requires a leap of faith into what feels a lot like death to have the relationship they both need.




The Meaning Behind the Story

The book is dedicated to those who have had their sexuality hijacked and are fighting to get it back.

What do I mean by “hijacked”? Our sexuality hijacked by media, big business, societal norms, religion… and everything else that influences us to be what we’re sold is “normal” or “in” to be loved and accepted.

When I was writing Say My Name, my intention was to explore individual authentic sexuality, a deeper love expressed through sex than what we typically see portrayed in media, and the wounds/traumas that are obstacles to living true to who we are in our relationships.

I picked the New Adult genre because it was in my late teens when I started to experience the shutting down that was a result of my sexuality being hijacked. So I wanted to write about a relationship between a couple around that age who were made aware of this influence, and explore what these fictional characters could do, and how they could help each other, to take their sexuality back.

Gosh, I hope I accomplished at least some of this!


Tricia BestAbout the Author

Tricia Best is a dangerous writer, or so her writing method has been called, as she writes her stories by observing the visions in her head and then coming back to earth (and her left brain) when it’s time to edit. By day she is an explorer, traversing the inner landscapes of her psyche (where she finds the best writing material) as she embraces the human experience called life, which includes reading, drawing, volunteering, working as a part-time administrative assistant for healers, hanging out in nature, unabashedly eating chocolate, listening to music, indulging in frequent sensory deprivation, and doing her thing at triciabest.com (you really need to come by to visit). She is highly introverted and a recluse by choice, coming out of her cave for the most special of occasions (and grocery shopping), and lives in the Greater Toronto Area with her husband and two feline fur babies.


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This playlist includes songs whereby the album, artist or the specific song are referenced in the book. When I reference a particular song/album that Taylor uses to express her mood, or thinks describes Isaiah or their relationship, it is my hope that you might listen to it in order to understand the scene, characters, or their dynamic in more depth.




The Name “Isaiah”

I am in love with the name Isaiah. It is one of those names that resonates deeply like a favorite melody.

I plan for my next cat to be named Isaiah (female or male). You know when you have regular wildlife in your backyard and you give them names? All the bunnies, squirrels, and chipmunks that live in our yard are called Isaiah. If I had children, my son would be named Isaiah.

I first read the name Isaiah in Katie McGarry’s Dare You To and since I was a little late to the whole Pushing the Limits party, I immediately followed it with Crash into You — Isaiah’s story. I LOVED it. I LOVED him.


The Name “Taylor”

My nephew’s name is Taylor. That’s right; Taylor is a boy’s name in my family. As for using it as a girl’s name, well, I thought it was kind of funny because I have a nephew named Taylor (I know, weird sense of humor) and it came up as a name I would associate with a popular high school girl.


Astrological Profiles

I use astrological profiles to help round out the development of my main characters. It’s always been a thing for me. So that basically means as soon as I come up with a name, I come up with a birth date and time, and where they were born.

Here are the astrological profiles for Taylor and Isaiah.


Taylor Marie Jenson
DOB: April 17, 1997, 12:46 a.m., Newmarket, Ontario, Canada

Taylor Marie Jenson Astrological Profile


Isaiah Scott Butler
DOB: September 17, 1994, 1:20 p.m., Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Isaiah Scott Butler Astrological Profile


Location, Location, Location

The town where Taylor lives with Kimi and meets Isaiah is loosely based on Hunstville, Ontario. The provincial park is based on Algonquin Park. I picked this area because the very first line I wrote for this book was in the living room of our suite in the Deerhurst resort in Huntsville.


Native American Tarot Card Readings

Taylor does two tarot card readings with the Native American Tarot deck with the artwork created by Sergio Tisselli. I used a site online to do the actual readings for the questions she was asking in the book and used the cards that came up for those readings.

9 of Swords

9 of Swords







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